June 20, 2014

Olivia Bee opening – agnès b. galerie boutique

Kids In Love
Olivia Bee
agnès b. Galerie Boutique 50 Howard NYC
June 20 – July 26


By all accounts, Olivia Bee’s opening of Kids In Love at the agnes b. galerie boutique on Howard street was a rousing success.

Bee’s printed images transcended their intimate boundaries easily transforming into a mega-sized presentation that wasn’t even remotely overshadowed by the free posters and t-shirts — or the fervent social-sharing sea of twenty-somethings that eventually overflowed onto the street



opening comp


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Olivia Bee: Kids In Love

Kids In Love
Olivia Bee
agnès b galerie boutique, New York
June 20 – July 26


OB comp_1
Olivia Bee: from Kids In Love
L: 4th of July (The Family You Choose), 2013
R: top – Running Away Lightly / Magic Hour, 2012
R: bottom – Bad Day, 2013


There’s a lot being said about Olivia Bee’s Kids In Love photographs and her exhibition at the agnès g galerie boutique — a quick google search will pull up about 3,270,00 results in 0.43 seconds — so I’m going to keep it brief here.


We had a great time producing this show.


Olivia is super-nice and easy to work with.


If you need to know more, check our other posts here or ask google  — the best stuff comes from her and she’s quoted, like, everywhere.



OB comp_2
Olivia Bee: from Kids In Love
top: Untitled, 2010
middle left: Max Jumped Off a Train, 2012
middle right: Pre-Kiss, 2010
bottom: Fingertips, 2010




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June 19, 2014

Figuring out Olivia Bee ….

Kids In Love
Olivia Bee



The first three weeks of June here were all about getting Olivia Bee’s Kids In Love exhibition ready for a June 20th opening at the agnès b. Galerie Boutique in Soho.


One one hand — three weeks to image 28 prints isn’t the tightest print deadline we’ve ever worked under (by far) — but considering that we had to produce first-time-ever seen hi-res scans and prints and brace mounting to .080 aluminum and delivery in three weeks — well, lets just say we found ourselves working rather quickly!




As is often the case, these things start out on the small side …




but then the proofing quickly escalates in complexity (and volume)




 Until eventually — over the course of a week or two —  the full size prints begin to appear.




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