April 7, 2009

All Renwick, all the time …

Jason Martin wants to be a punk rocker
Jason Kraus
Renwick Gallery
April 17 – May 16, 2009


kraus opening @ renwick
Opening night: Jason Martin wants to be a punk rocker, Renwick Gallery 4.10.09


The exhibition “Jason Martin wants to be a punk rocker” at Renwick Gallery is the first collaborative effort between the Los Angeles based artists, Jason Kraus and Martin Kersels. The exhibition includes kinetic sculpture, video, drawing and of course, photography. Kraus and Renwick contacted Lightside / LTI directly for assistance in producing over 10 digital c-prints from digital capture files which depict the aftermath of a destructive punk rock performance. The artists have paired the digital-c prints in a series of diptychs with drawings. You can see more images from the show here.

gallery overview
Renwick Gallery: Jason Martin wants to be a punk rocker


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