January 28, 2010

Thomas Dozol at Envoy

Entre Temps
Thomas Dozol
January 7 – February 14, 2010

thomas dozol_jamie: archival pigment print
Thomas Dozol: Jamie, 16 x 16 archival pigment print

Thomas Dozol tackles a number of issues in these seemingly simple photographs of people fresh out the shower. He’s chosen a situation that nearly everyone can relate to (entre temps or “the times in between”) and uses it to challenge the conventions of traditional portraiture and the truly modern phenomena of hyper-controlled celebrity image making while at the same time turning notions of voyeurism and privacy upside down.

Here you are invited into the bathrooms of strangers (and some not-so strangers) as they go about their normally private business with an otherwise very nice fellow snapping away on a Hasselbald camera. OK, for a second that may bring to mind the nearly endless run of reality TV programs which have made “celebrities” out of anyone willing to be video taped but Dozol’s intent is quite different – his intimate portraits are focused on calmness and introspection through the depiction of a mundane ritual that we all know so well. The result evokes an inviting familiarity, almost like, well … taking a warm shower.

LTI has worked with Dozol since 2005. For this exhibition, LTI processed all the film, scanned the original negatives and imaged over thirty 16 x 16 archival pigment prints in close consultation with the artist.



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