February 21, 2013

Purple Magazine: s/s 2013 #19 – The LTI/Lightside Issue

(ok, yeah …just kidding)


It’s not really our issue but still, we were pretty excited to see three (3!!) of our fabulous customers stories published in the same book. Now, if we could only get on the list for some of those super-cool parties …


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Just click the spreads for more …


Max Snow: Fetishism


Annabel Mehran:
Harmony Korine



Theo Wenner: Destruction



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October 27, 2011

Max Snow / Lily Cole / Rika Magazine, issue 5

Max Snow shot Lily Cole for Rika, recently. The pics are running in the current issue (#5). I know Max … obviously, I mean, he visits us, is super-nice and friendly and you can’t help but notice his work when its in-house. Now, Lily Cole, I don’t know … obviously. For sure, she does not visit us, ever! In fact, I had to look her up here. When I tried, Google loaded about 2,530,000 search results in approximately 0.10 seconds. It appears, I have been living under a rock.


Anyway, check it out, the top image is linked to Rika’s blog:


Max Snow: Lily Cole for Rika, Issue #5




Max Snow: Lily Cole for Rika Magazine, issue #5



Max Snow: Lily Cole for Rika Magazine, Issue #5



Max Snow: Lily Cole for Rika, Issue #5



Max Snow: Lily Cole for Rika, Issue #5




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May 11, 2011

Max Snow: Black Magic

The following is a re-post from what I’m guessing must be the the Serieuze Zaken Studioo’s blog announcement for Max Snow’s exhibition Black Magic, which opens this Saturday, May 13 in Amsterdam. If you noodle through the links you can see the posters and the FaceBook page link, etc. … obviously, most of it is in Dutch … but if you happen to be there this weekend, I would expect this to be quite a scene.


We’ve recently helped Max out with a bunch of stuff: 8 x 10 film processing, hi res scanning, retouching, printing and mounting … some of it should be in Amsterdam and he has more going up in Berlin soon as well.
Will keep you posted.



Save the date: 13 mei 2011. Aanvang: 17:00 uur t/m 19:30 uur. Max Snow Black Magic. De opening wordt verricht door Philip Glass. Het event is hier te vinden op Facebook. De uitnodiging, flyer en poster is hieronder te zien. De afbeelding kan in zijn geheel worden bekeken door erop te klikken.


Maxsnow_Blackmagic_A5_uitnodiging Maxsnow_Blackmagic_A5_uitnodiging_A Maxsnow_Blackmagic_A5_4 Maxsnow_Blackmagic_A5_3 MaxSnow_BlackMagic_A2_Poster8 MaxSnow_BlackMagic_A2_Poster6

Max Snow
24 x 30 archival pigment print
3mm dibond


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