September 26, 2013

Talia Chetrit at Leslie Fritz

Talia Chetrit
Leslie Fritz
September 3 – October 6, 2013


2x install view
Talia Chetrit at Leslie Fritz, September 2013


From the Leslie Fritz press release:


Talia Chetrit’s current exhibition at Leslie Fritz, her third show with the gallery, originates in the artist’s revisiting old contact sheets from the first rolls of film she shot as a thirteen-year-old in the mid 1990’s. They were intimate, direct portraits of the subjects most immediately available to her: her own family in and around the home. Chetrit re-cropped and re-edited these old images, and returned to photograph her family again for the most recent work in the exhibition, mixing these two moments in this installation. In these images, we see her mother, father, brother, and the photographer herself, pictured today and as they appeared some eighteen years ago.


image view
Talia Chetrit: selections from Leslie Fritz, September, 2013
clockwise from top left:
Self-Portrait (13): 1995/2013, 18 x 24 silver gelatin print from original negative
Parents (side, 2013): 20 x 24 silver gelatin print from original negative
Self Portrait (Profile): 2013, 19 x 24 silver gelatin print from original negative
Parents (Stacked): 2013, 14 x 22 digital c-print

I’ve mentioned previously in this archive that often we’ll start work on a project and have no idea what we’re being presented with conceptually. This makes sense, considering that our role in the production of these projects is after all, that of the facilitating technician and so it’s only natural that we’re somewhat removed from the “content” side of the process. It’s almost as if we have insider status … but not too far inside, if you get my meaning. Anyway, it’s one of those quirks that comes with the job that actually makes life fun around here … specifically: trying to figure what’s going on in a project beyond the technical perimeters before actually asking.


IMG_6583_father-brother copy
Talia Chetrit: selections from Leslie Fritz, 2013
left to right:
Dad: 1995/2013, 6 x 8 silver gelatin print from original negative
Brother: 1995/2013, 6 x 9 silver gelatin print from original negative


In this case: printing negatives shot by the artist eighteen years previous, including a self-portrait (without this being explained), clearly puts this project into that category.


Chetrit’s exhibition has been well received with reviews in Artforum, Mousse Magazine, Contemporary Art Daily and the Gallerist. For more, please visit Leslie Fritz online by clicking here.



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