September 13, 2018

Richard Finkelstein at Robert Mann

New, Used, Rare and Out of Print
Richard Finkelstein
Robert Mann Gallery
September 13 – October 20


From the Robert Mann Gallery Press Release:


Robert Mann Gallery presents a new body of work by Richard Finkelstein in his third solo show with the gallery, New, Used, Rare and Out of Print. Known for his cinematic world of miniature dioramas, Finkelstein explores a new direction in his work that focuses on the manipulation and transformation of books. He investigates the materiality of the books as he documents their reactions against water, paint, folding and cutting … cont.


Richard Finkelstein: from New, Used, Rare and Out of Print, 2018
L: Come Wander with Me
R: A Fine Balance
Archival pigment prints, sintra mount



… the photographs in this series were both intended and unintended. While working with the texts related to the myth by Ovid, Joyce and others, Finkelstein initially immersed them in coffee to age them and have them appear as ancient texts. But as the first books dried, the pages curled and molded themselves into new forms, assumed other shapes and then hardened, causing Come Wander With Me to emerged. The books transformed into a sculptural medium. They had lost their specific identity as the words became distorted or even hidden therefore erasing the past message of the books. The stories and titles which caused the artist to select them were no longer identifiable.



Richard Finkelstein: Sir Robert Morton’s Wig, 2018, Archival pigment print, sintra mount.
From New, Used, Rare and Out of Print, Robert Mann Gallery



RF_3Richard Finkelstein: Interpretation of Dreams, 2018, Archival pigment print, sintra mount.
From New, Used, Rare and Out of Print, Robert Mann Gallery



This is our third exhibition with Rick for the Robert Mann Gallery — you can see our posts from those first two shows by clicking here.



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December 10, 2015

Richard Finkelstein at Robert Mann

Sitting in the Dark with Strangers
Richard Finkelstein
Robert Mann Gallery
December 10 – January 30


Richard Finkelstein:
Sitting in the Dark with Strangers
Robert Mann Gallery, December 10 – January 30



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May 16, 2013

Richard Finkelstein at Robert Mann Gallery

A Bunch of Lonesome Heroes
Richard Finkelstein
Robert Mann Gallery, NY NY
May 16 – June 29, 2013


Richard Finkelstein: Wading to Cambodia, 2013
59.5 x 106.5″ archival pigment print on 3mm dibond


From the Robert Mann Gallery press release:


In his debut exhibition at Robert Mann Gallery, Richard Finkelstein presents: A Bunch of Lonesome Heroes. Constructing elaborate, atmospheric pictures of miniature dioramas, Finkelstein produces images infused with impressive emotional intensity. The images offer visual trickery as the viewer oscillates between interpreting them as real world settings and seeing them as artificial constructions.

Richard Finkelstein: Lonesome Hero 1, 2013
34″ x 48″ archival pigment print


The artist’s employment of the solitary figure seen from behind, the lonesome hero, as he contemplates the sublime landscape before him is an art historical trope that emerged in the 19th century paintings of Caspar David Friedrich, and is an element which is central in Finkelstein’s work. While these “lonesome heroes” survey the cavernous spaces and sublime natural expanses they are set within, the viewer simultaneously begins to conjure an imagined narrative for these figures who remain adrift in a complicated world.


Richard Finkelstein: Ginger, 2013
34″ x 48″ archival pigment print


The pictures provide only vague hints of their background stories anchored by these figures who appear in psychological states of trouble. Inspired by works and events of art historical significance, Finkelstein cleverly riffs on the compositions found in canonical historical imagery through his photographic constructions.


LTI/Lightside was introduced to Finkelstein through the Robert Mann Gallery early in 2013. We’ve enjoyed a brief but busy period of activity since … starting with the production new work for AIPAD and culminating in the printing, mounting and framing for the Lonesome Heroes exhibition.


Finkelstein’s work has posed interesting challenges regarding scale and perspective both within the files and throughout the physical production of the pieces as Rick has pushed to reproduce his miniature worlds into sometimes massive proportions. It has been a pleasure to to work with him throughout the entire process.


See more of Finkelstein’s work by clicking here.



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