July 26, 2010

Jennifer Karady at SF Camerawork

In Country: Soldier’s Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan
Jennifer Karady
SF Camerawork
May 6 – August 7, 2010


This month we’re featuring Jennifer Karady’s new work: In Country: Soldier’s Stories from Irag and Afghanistan, currently on view at SF Camerawork in San Francisco. The project reflects upon a widely under-publicized consequence of the ongoing war on terror; the post-battle physical and psychological burden of war zone trauma borne by enlisted individuals.


Photographed near their homes in the United States after an extensive interview process, Karady encourages the subject’s immediate family and close friends to help bring their wartime memories into focus against the backdrop of our everyday landscape. This collaborative effort creates a visual experience for the viewer that while still quite abstract, offers a far more personalized window into their stories than an evening newscast ever could.


In Country has been well received in the press with a feature article in the New York Times and an interview on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered.



kraus opening @ renwick
Jennifer Karady: Former Sergeant Jose Adames, US Marine Corps Recon, Stinger Gunner, 1st Platoon, Alpha Company, veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Brooklyn, NY, February 2009. From In Country: Soldier’s Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan
48 x 48 Fujiflex Super Glossy optical c-print

In Country corrals the often incomprehensibly distant issue of America’s wars in the Middle East by focusing on the intensely personal post tour-of-duty experiences of individual soldiers – conveyed visually through the fabrication of highly conceptualized domestic scenes that are at once familiar and yet jarring.


A mix of styles and influences, Karady’s images reflect elements of photojournalism and narrative tableau painting and through this she manages to create a positive experience for the soldiers to aid in their adjustment back to civilian life.
Use the Quick Links above to visit Karady’s website and see the entire ongoing project.
Click here to order the 40 page exhibition catalog with an introduction by SF Camerawork curator Chuck Mobley and a detailed account of each soldier’s story, plus an interview with Jennifer Karady and an essay by Carol McCusker.


Click here to read the New York Times review of the exhibition. Click here to listen to the National Public Radio interview.


LTI / Lightside worked closely with Karady to print ten 48″ x 48″ optically enlarged Fujiflex Super-Glossy prints from her original negatives and produced the master digital files for the exhibition catalog.


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