November 4, 2010

Pedro Arieta’s 8 x 10 mag

So, this guy walks into the lab the other day …


photo courtesy of Becky Reeve


and he says: “Is it just me or does it smell like tarter sauce in here?” Dead silence on our end … I mean, how are you supposed to respond to that?

Anyway, turns out he was delivering Pedro Arieta’s 8 x 10 mag, Issue B. A joint publication of Pedro’s with Kareem Hamady. It’s a beautiful thing to behold: (7) portfolios with somewhere around (39) unbound 8 x 10 prints … all encased in a custom made shiny black & blue plexi slipcover. Most notably, 8 x 10 mag presents the work of these photographers uncluttered by text or advertising.


Aside from the publishers (Pedro and Kareem) 8 x 10 mag lists David Karwan as Design Director along with the website addresses for the contributors: Noritoshi Hirakawa, Stian Foss, Joe Hume, Todd Matarazzo, Sigurjon Guojonsson and Antonio Ibarra.
Best I can tell, there aren’t any pictures of fish sticks in the entire issue.

Visit to find out how to get yours.



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