July 18, 2022

Andreas Laszlo Konrath for New York Magazine

New York Magazine
Chris Smalls: The Organizer
Andreas Laszlo Konrath
July 18 – 31, 2022



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June 8, 2022

Stefan Ruiz for German Vogue


German Vogue
Steffi Graf: Cover and story
Stefan Ruiz
June 2022


Stefan Ruiz: Steffi Graf for German Vogue, June 2022






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November 8, 2018

Talia Chetrit 2X Covers

POP Magazine, Binx FW18
Talia Chetrit, photographer



Talia_2x cvr
Talia Chetrit: POP & RE-EDITION covers, FW18



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April 22, 2016

Anne Menke for Vogue Nederland

Picture Perfect
Anne Menke
Vogue Nederland
Spring 2016


Film processing, scanning and retouching for 15 internal pages and the cover


Cover Vogue_NL_700
Anne Menke: Cover /  Vogue Nederland, Spring 2016


068_Helena Christensen Vog copy2

068_Helena Christensen Vog copy_mid

068_Helena Christensen Vog copy
Anne Menke: Picture Perfect editorial story / Vogue Nederland, Spring 2016



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August 20, 2015

Martin Schoeller for TIME Magazine

Deal With It — Donald Trump Cover
Martin Schoeller, photographer
TIME Magazine
August 20, 2015

From the TIME website: Lightbox — Behind the Photos by Olivier Laurent



Martin Schoeller: Donald Trump, cover August 20, 2015



When Martin Schoeller scrolled through the 28 close-up portraits he had taken of Donald Trump, he was struck to see that they were all identical. “Every frame was the same,” Schoeller says. “Mr. Trump knows exactly how he looks, and he strikes one pose and doesn’t move.”

It wasn’t the first time that Schoeller, an award-winning portrait photographer and frequent TIME contributor, had worked with Trump. They first met in 2004 for a Fortune cover article, so he knew what to expect when he was asked to photograph the frontrunner in the 2016 Republican presidential primaries for this week’s magazine cover.

“He’s very difficult to photograph,” says Schoeller. “If you ask him to look up a little bit, he says no or he just doesn’t do it. He literally has one angle. If I ask him to smile, he puts on a big grin and then he goes back to his Zoolander ‘blue steel’ look. And the ‘blue steel’ stays for as ever long as it takes to get the photograph.”



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May 1, 2015

Max Farago for BEAT Magazine

Giorgio Moroder
Max Farago, Photographer
BEAT Magazine
May, 2015


Max Farago shot these limited edition covers for Beat Magazine — of Giorgio Moroder  (come on, how cool is that?!?) … anyway, we helped out with the film processing and hi-res scans.


The rest here is re-posted from the BEAT website/Blog:



Max Farago: Limited edition BEAT Magazine covers, May 2015



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April 17, 2015

Anne Menke for Seventeen Magazine

Ansel Elgort
Anne Menke, photographer
Seventeen Magazine
April 2015


Menke_apr seventeen




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January 28, 2015

Anne Menke for Seventeen Magazine

Victoria Justice
Anne Menke, photographer
Seventeen Magazine
February 2014




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December 10, 2014

Time Magazine: Man of the Year

Ebola Fighters: TIME Person of the year
Jackie Nickerson, photographer
TIME Magazine:
December 10, 2014


Our second (I think*) Time cover! (*also see here)
See more of Jackie Nickerson’s work here





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April 3, 2014

Joss Mckinley for T Magazine / The New York Times

Trend Report / First Blush
Joss McKinley
T Magazine / The New York Times
April 3, 2014


Joss McKinley: Blush, T Magazine / The New York Times, April 3 2014


See the original T Magazine story here.



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