August 19, 2010

Feels like a fanzine … for free! (the nicest thing #3)

the uncovering (feature story)
the art street journal, vol ii – issue i, p. 12-13, 2010





Got this in the mail yesterday. Seth Carmichael, of The Carmichael Gallery, was nice enough to send it along to us. We recently printed a show of Boogie’s work called “The Uncovering” for his gallery (which we foolishly failed to mention here … perhaps due to summer laziness?). However, Seth and Elisa Charmichael were smart enough to feature it on the cover of their refreshingly lo-fi art street journal.


This came as a welcome site in our otherwise boorish daily mail package … it seems like nothing good ever comes via real mail anymore in these days of RSS feeds and e-mail newsletters (yes, just like the one we send out periodically). This one packs a lot of great stuff into its 24 unbound single fold pages.


You too can receive the art street journal for free, apparently just by asking nicely. Here’s the link:



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