May 7, 2015

One night, three openings (all film processing customers!)

Frédéric Brenner
An Archaeology of Fear and Desire
Howard Greenberg Gallery
May 7 – July 3


David Leventi
Rick Wester Fine Art
May  7 – July 10


David Battel
Out of Time
Rick Wester Fine Art
May  7 – July 10


It’s not often that we see three of our wildly diverse customers having fancy openings in New York City on the same night. Yet on Thursday May 7th, David Leventi, David Battel and Frédéric Brenner all held court in various galleries showing off their work. And what’s even more oddly-coincidental is that these three guys are film shooters who process with us … we couldn’t have been more proud!



David Leventi: Proud papa in front of his Palais Garnier, Paris, France, 2009


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David Battel at Rick Wester Fine Art


For more on David Battel at Rick Wester Fine Art click here



Frédéric Brenner: Sderot, 2011 from An Archaeology of Fear and Desire at Howard Greenberg Gallery


For more on Frédéric Brenner’s work at Howard Greenberg click here
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Explore Brenner’s project This Place here




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January 23, 2014

Joni Sternbach at Rick Wester Fine Art

Not Long Hidden
Rick Wester Fine Art
January 23 – March 1


Single-handedly punching back at winter, Rick Wester Fine Art has mounted an invitingly warm group-exhibition celebrating the tactual essence of summer featuring some excellent surf imagery from our great friend, Joni Sternbach (among others).




Joni Sternbach: 13.08.29 #53 Lisa + Mikey, Ditch Plains, Montauk, 2013
30 x 40 archival pigment print


From the gallery’s press release:


In the midst of the coldest winter in New York in 20 years it seems that no amount of freezing sunshine, Vitamin D or dry radiator heat can overcome the chill of the wind off the Hudson, East or Harlem Rivers. Rick Wester Fine Art is pleased to present a visual antidote to Seasonal Affective Disorder with NOT LONG HIDDEN, a group exhibition that combines the work of five photographers who have explored and incorporated into their work a highly visceral and sensual vision of summer light, color and tone. Kate Joyce (Chicago, IL), Jakub Karwowski (Krakow), Joe Maloney (Hancock, NY), Cheryle St. Onge (Durham, NH) and Joni Sternbach (Brooklyn, NY) all share unique sensibilities towards how radiant light shapes their imagery. Like music that transforms auditory sensation into emotion and action, the photographers of NOT LONG HIDDEN create the sensory equivalent of stopping, mid – step on a summer’s day, to take in the color and absorb its warmth. Each pursues distinctly different subject matter and approaches, however all dwell within the realm of the documentary photograph with remarkably individual results .


Click here to see more from NOT LONG HIDDEN at Rick Wester Fine Art



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