November 21, 2017

Joni Sternbach at the Harn Museum of Art

Vast: Sea Salt Sand Sky
Joni Sternback
Harn Museum of Art
November 21 – April 22, 2018



Joni Sternbach: Harn Museum of Art


From the Harn Museum press release:


VAST: Sea Salt Sand Sky features over seventy photographs by acclaimed New York artist Joni Sternbach. They picture the sublime vastness of ocean, sky and desert captured on film, and produced as cyanotype, platinum/palladium, gelatin silver or pigment prints and video. VAST also includes Sternbach’s most celebrated series, Surfland, a mesmerizing array of surfer portraits (some of noted surfers) made on beaches around the world in the 19th century wet plate collodion process. Applying almost every photographic form there is, the artist uses a variety of matrices (glass, film, video), camera sizes (the largest, a 16×20” view camera) and lenses (including a 1840s Petzval Portrait lens) to create exquisitely detailed imagery. “I have pursued historic mediums,” says Sternbach, “as a way to have a conversation with history, and play with photography.”
The word “vast” references the subject and scale of Sternbach’s prints, and the reverie she finds there. Her expansive vistas include history (marking the passage of time and change) and the contemporary sublime (terrifying and awesome in the earth’s beauty and power). Her surfer portraits shift this inward meditation outward to where surfer’s bodies and boards master the ocean’s edge, finding euphoria there.
The exhibition is curated by Carol McCusker, PhD, Curator of Photography.




Joni Sternbach: install views at the Harn Museum of Art


LTI-Lightside has been working with Joni Sternbach for over a decade — Joni has generously included us in a number of projects over the years offering an up-close perspective on how she navigates between vintage analogue photography and state of the art digital technology to tell her stories.


You can see more of Vast at the Harn Museum of Art by clicking here.



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January 23, 2014

Joni Sternbach at Rick Wester Fine Art

Not Long Hidden
Rick Wester Fine Art
January 23 – March 1


Single-handedly punching back at winter, Rick Wester Fine Art has mounted an invitingly warm group-exhibition celebrating the tactual essence of summer featuring some excellent surf imagery from our great friend, Joni Sternbach (among others).




Joni Sternbach: 13.08.29 #53 Lisa + Mikey, Ditch Plains, Montauk, 2013
30 x 40 archival pigment print


From the gallery’s press release:


In the midst of the coldest winter in New York in 20 years it seems that no amount of freezing sunshine, Vitamin D or dry radiator heat can overcome the chill of the wind off the Hudson, East or Harlem Rivers. Rick Wester Fine Art is pleased to present a visual antidote to Seasonal Affective Disorder with NOT LONG HIDDEN, a group exhibition that combines the work of five photographers who have explored and incorporated into their work a highly visceral and sensual vision of summer light, color and tone. Kate Joyce (Chicago, IL), Jakub Karwowski (Krakow), Joe Maloney (Hancock, NY), Cheryle St. Onge (Durham, NH) and Joni Sternbach (Brooklyn, NY) all share unique sensibilities towards how radiant light shapes their imagery. Like music that transforms auditory sensation into emotion and action, the photographers of NOT LONG HIDDEN create the sensory equivalent of stopping, mid – step on a summer’s day, to take in the color and absorb its warmth. Each pursues distinctly different subject matter and approaches, however all dwell within the realm of the documentary photograph with remarkably individual results .


Click here to see more from NOT LONG HIDDEN at Rick Wester Fine Art



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June 30, 2010

Summer shows: Bill Armstrong, Joni Sternbach

Out of the city for summer?
Well, if you’re in London or even just slightly up the Hudson River from New York City for any reason, here are two shows to check out. No matter where you are, get yourself outside and enjoy the weather!
P.S. and don’t forget to apply for the 2010 WIP – LTI / Individual Project Grant … (if you’re a woman, of course).


Bill Armstrong
Hackelbury Fine Art, Ltd.
June 10 – July 31, 2010


Bill Armstrong: From the Infinity series: Renaissance #1005
40 x 48 optically enlarged c-print


Bill Armstrong’s Renaissance images are part of an extensive body of work called the Infinity Series and are aptly named after a crucial aspect of the creative process where he rephotographs found images with his focusing ring set at infinity.Armstrong’s appropriated material is subjected to a variety of physical manipulations – photocopying, cutting, painting, rephotographing and the extreme de-focusing that enables him to blend and distill hues – all of which contribute to transform the originals and give them new meaning in a new context.


LTI-Lightside produced six conventionally enlarged 40″ x 48″ c-prints for this exhibition.



Joni Sternbach
Kenise Barnes Fine Art
June 5 – July 34, 2010


Joni Sternbach: From Surfland: 08.08.13 #8 Surfer Gals
20 x 24 archival pigment print, scanned from unique collodion tintype


Joni Sternbach has covered a lot of ground with her project Surfland… from shooting up and down both coasts in the United States to exhibiting the photographs seemingly everywhere in between and as far away as Lishui, China. Along the way, the work has received widespread critical attention both online and in print. Surfland, the book, also won in the 2008 Photolucida Critical Mass Awards hard cover Monograph category. LTI / Lightside produced thirteen 20 x 24 and 8 x 10 archival pigment prints and one30 x 40 digital c-print for this exhibition



The 2010 Women in Photography – LTI / Lightside Individual Project Grant is open for submissions. Follow this link for all the information you’ll need to apply:
2010 Women in Photography – LTI / Lightside Individual Project Grant




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