March 6, 2015

Danny Clinch “Walls of Sound” at Milk Gallery

Walls of Sound
Danny Clinch
Milk Gallery
March 6 – April 6


Our good friend — and perhaps even our oldest customer — Danny Clinch had something of a retrospective at NYC’s Milk Gallery in March. Clinch is a prolific shooter, so editing his absurdly large catalog of images into a cohesive show proved to be a significant challenge for him — but one that, by judging from the crowd’s reactions on opening night, was well worth his efforts.



crowd-room view copy


clinch opening


clinch windows


The Milk Gallery is a pretty impressive space — and one capable of constant reinvention. Clinch’s team mashed up two thematic solutions: Walls of Sound meets Motor Drive — that’s a double, albeit mild, double entendre, I believe — and they created a number of installs to work specifically within the site’s unique features (note the giant window covers). He even pulled out a few of tricks of his own, like this viewer accessible Hasselblad set-up and a huge “festival wall” installation, which, was later sold off piece by piece at a final de-install party.



camera view


festival wall


We helped out with the big prints (though not that giant cling-wrap thing of Bruce’s face in the window!) and by far not the majority of the exhibition — no, more so for us — the show was a bit of a walk through the past with some new twists here and there. It was great to see prints from the old shoots that we processed film from as far back as 1997 — and sometimes surprising to see the new edits as well. Danny mentioned wanting to shake things up from his usual selects … and Walls of Sound did not disappoint.


Of course, the man himself was on hand, signing copies of his aptly titled latest book Still Moving.
(note: that’s got to be a record beating third double entendre in one blog post)



danny signing copy



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June 18, 2014

Danny Clinch: livin’ the dream ….

Here’s an image of Tom Morello in His 1971 Dodge Demon by Danny Clinch. Originally shot in Los Angeles sometime in 2000 on a Rage Against The Machine shoot, this five-frame continuous half-frame strip of color negative film has been scanned and imaged at 36 x 96″!

The first frame shows it here at LTI/Lightside having just finished printing. The second is the install view at the Wall Street offices of Droga5, who commissioned the piece.


clinch deamon_comp


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October 14, 2010

Thursday night openings (Rain Report): Tim Barber, Danny Clinch

Burning Bridges
Tim Barber:
Nike Bowery Stadium

Now that I’ve been to the Nike Bowery Stadium and having tried to describe the night to a bunch of different people I’ve found myself on the dumb end of the question: What exactly is the Nike Bowery Stadium? I say “dumb end” because I actually haven’t been able to answer. So like any smart guy would do, I looked them up online and checked the “about” link … here’s how Nike (I presume) calls it:


Nike Stadiums are new multi-purpose destinations in Berlin, London, Milan, New York, Paris and Tokyo. Stages for inspired performers, labs for innovative expressions, spaces where stories are told and others are written.
We are always open, always on.
I don’t know if “always open” translates into 24 hours … but there’s still a good bit of “Huh?” in there for me. For instance, they don’t mention anywhere that there’s a retail component to the whole thing and yet, I found myself purchasing a a pair of these?



Anyway, the real reason we were there was to revel in the fantastic display of b+w images shot by Tim Barber called Burning Bridges (again, don’t ask) … the important thing is, the work looks great!

Barber (left)


From Darkness to a Dream
Danny Clinch
Morrison Hotel Gallery
October – November, 2010


The Moment (The New York Times / T Magazine), recently caught up with photographer, harmonica player and filmmaker, Danny Clinch, whose images can be seen at the Morrison Hotel Gallery in SoHo from Thursday.

Read the interview by clicking here:


As mentioned above, it rained Thursday night … pretty hard, pretty much all night, in fact. Despite this, here’s what the Danny Clinch opening at Morrison Hotel looked like by the time I arrived:

Jammed, from one end …

to the other.

Clinch, mobbed.


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