September 24, 2019

Talia Chetrit for Re-Edition


TC_re-edition covers
Talia Chetrit: Re-Edition Magazine,


TC_2X R-E stories



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September 15, 2019

Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi for NY Times Magazine

New York Times Magazine
The Disappearing Schools of Puerto Rico
Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi
September 15



Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi: from The Disappearing Schools of Puerto Rico, New York Times Magazine, September 15, 2019



The New York Times invited Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi to shoot a photo essay on the crumbling school system in Puerto Rico this past summer. Of course, she chose to drag an 8 x 10 along to capture all the excruciating detail. It’s a hard read from Jonathan M. Katz — and Diana’s images don’t pull any punches, either.


You can scroll a few pics here – though we certainly recommend reading the full story here .




Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi: from The Disappearing Schools of Puerto Rico, New York Times Magazine, September 15, 2019



Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi: from The Disappearing Schools of Puerto Rico, New York Times Magazine, September 15, 2019



Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi: from The Disappearing Schools of Puerto Rico, New York Times Magazine, September 15, 2019



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March 6, 2019

Ben Grieme for Departures

Departures Fashion Issue
Cover & Feature: Back to St Barth’s
Ben Grieme
March / April 2019



Ben Grieme: Departures Magazine, March / April, 2019



Ben Grieme: Departures Magazine, March / April, 2019



IMG_4091Ben Grieme: Departures Magazine, March / April, 2019



IMG_4093 Ben Grieme: Departures Magazine, March / April, 2019


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April 29, 2018

Eva O’Leary for New York Magazine

The Cut
Eva O’Leary
New York Magazine
April, 2018


Eva O’Leary: for New York Magazine, April 2018



Here’s what happens when one of your super-cool customers shoots some of your other super-cool customers for New York Magazine (


Eva O’Leary: for New York Magazine, April 2018


elenor_ny mag
Eva O’Leary: for New York Magazine, April 2018



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March 1, 2018

Tina Barney for W Magazine

The Domestic Kingdom: and Terror and Beauty
Tina Barney
W Magazine
Volume Two 2018



Tina Barney: W Magazine: The Domestic Kingdom … Volume Two, 2018



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October 27, 2017


For those of you who thought film was dead, we’re happy to report that sentiment is clearly an exaggeration. First of all, a quick hashtag search on Instagram shows nearly 6 million users of #filmisnotdead vs a mere 6,816 tags with #filmisdead (!) Heck, that should settle it right there … but hey, don’t just take I/G’s word for it — go ahead and scroll down to see no less than five (5!) editorial stories and current ad campaigns that have run though the lab recently … and we’ve got more, believe us!


From the New Yorker to Nordstrom and Sonia Rikel to Nike — Zoe Ghertner, Max Farago, Ben Grieme, David Banjamin Sherry and Stefan Ruiz shot every format from 35mm to 8 x 10 this past season to deliver a stunning array of well …  really cool stuff.




Ben Grieme: Nike AF-1 campaign, Fall 2017, click here


 new yorker stories

Top: Stefan Ruiz: William Eggelston, New Yorker, October, 2017
Bottom: David Benjamin Sherry, Laura Owens, New Yorker, October, 2017

MF_finalMax Farago: Nordstrom: Fall 2017 click here



Zoe Ghertner: Sonia Rykiel, Fall 2017 click here



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May 12, 2017

Raymond Depardon for Libéracion and FIAF

Correspondance New-Yorkaise 2017
Raymond Depardon
Libéacion and French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF)
May 12–July 1, 2017


Depardon_wall st_72
Raymond Depardon for Libération and FIAF, 2017
40 x 50 archival pigment print


From the FIAF Press Release:


Raymond Depardon revisits his landmark Correspondance New-Yorkaise in a special new commission for the FIAF Gallery.


New photos taken daily from May 1-11, 2017 will be displayed alongside his 1981 series, creating a unique portrait of the city across decades.


In 1981, Raymond Depardon’s La correspondance New-Yorkaise was published in the Libération newspaper in France. Composed of humorous, observational, photographic notes—and no topical news—the newspaper dedicated a full page to this correspondence every day for a month. It was a pivotal moment both in French photography and in Depardon’s career. La correspondance New-Yorkaise marked a turn toward the “new journalism” of the era, which fed on daily life and featured first-person, subjective writing.


36 years later, this major French photographer and filmmaker takes a new look at New York, continuing his rare portrait of one city’s unexpected spaces. This exhibition takes place during the cycle of events celebrating 70 years of the Magnum Photos agency.


Depardon_grid copy
Raymond Depardon at FIAF, 2017


Earlier this Spring, our good friends at Picto introduced us to Raymond Depardon thereby offering a unique opportunity to participate in his iconic Correspondance New-Yorkaise 2017 project, now spanning some 30 + years since it’s inception.


Now, it’s not as if the expedited processing of Raymond’s 8 x 10 negatives each morning and the subsequent scanning of selections and final file prep for Libéracion for seven days straight wasn’t enough — but before we knew it (and who knows really (?) maybe it was the language barrier) we found ourselves producing a full blown exhibition of 40 x 50 archival pigment prints for the French Institute Alliance Française as well!
Bravo Raymond (!) it seems, is about all that’s left to say  …


Raymond Depardon for Libération and FIAF, 2017
40 x 50 archival pigment print



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May 19, 2016

Blair Getz Mezibov for Heroine Magaine

Alexander McQueen: Take Romance and Scratch its Eyes Out
Blair Getz Mezibov
Spring/Summer 16

12 pages / 9 images: film processing, scanning





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April 22, 2016

Anne Menke for Vogue Nederland

Picture Perfect
Anne Menke
Vogue Nederland
Spring 2016


Film processing, scanning and retouching for 15 internal pages and the cover


Cover Vogue_NL_700
Anne Menke: Cover /  Vogue Nederland, Spring 2016


068_Helena Christensen Vog copy2

068_Helena Christensen Vog copy_mid

068_Helena Christensen Vog copy
Anne Menke: Picture Perfect editorial story / Vogue Nederland, Spring 2016



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April 7, 2016

Andreas Laszlo Konrath

Various Assignments
Andreas Laszlo Konrath
Fall 2105 / Spring 2016


Andres Laszlo Konrath (ALK) is a busy character. He’s been coming around LTI/Lightside since the fall of 2015 and has run a good bit of editorial shooting through the lab in that short time.


It’s one thing for us to report here on what he’s up to, like his published assignments for The New Yorker, W, Fast Company, Playboy, Marie Claire and more. Yet it would be quite another altogether to tell you how he does it  — meaning, the unique look of say, his portrait of star chef, Marcus Samuelsson below … we think it’s fair to say he’d have to kill us if we did.


That said, it’s refreshing to note that in an age of #anytingispossible digital manipulation. ALK turns the tables back to old school skill and and achieves his signature results not with the hand of PhotoShop at all … and that’s as far as we’re going to go here.


Here’s a small sample of some recently published assignments:



Andreas Laszlo Konrath: Grace Coddington for Le Magazine du Monde, 2016




Andreas Laszlo Konrath:
(L) Don Cheadle for Playboy, 2016 (R) Marcus Samuelsson for Fast Company, 2015




Andreas Laszlo Konrath: Harmony Korine for W, 2015



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