April 18, 2013

Amy Arbus: After Image

After Image
Amy Arbus

1stdibs Gallery at the New York Design Center
April 2013


Griffin Museum of Photography
April 9 – June 2, 2013


After Image
Available April, 2013.
Shiffer Publishing


Amy Arbus has has a busy spring! She’s opened two shows of her After Images portrait series and published a 64 page hard cover book of the work. These exhibitions actually count as numbers two and three for this project… you can see our original post detailing After Images by clicking here.



arbus wall text_650
Amy Arbus: Sam, After Arms Crossed, 2012
1st Dibs Gallery, at the New York Design Center
30 x 40 digital c-print



arbus pano_650
The scene from After Images at the 1stdibs Gallery, NY NY



Amy Arbus: Owen after Peasant, 2012
30 x 40 digital-c print



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