September 2, 2021

Ruth Orkin at Fotografiska NY

Expressions of Life
Ruth Orkin
Fotografiska NY
Sept 2 – Dec 5
From the Fotografiska website:
Expressions of Life is an emotional, inspiring, and romantic chronicle of the pioneering photographer and filmmaker Ruth Orkin. Featuring landmark photographs from her work across Hollywood, New York City, Israel and Italy, the exhibition celebrates the Orkin’s centennial, and showcases her as a master of intimacy, warmth, and boldness behind the camera.
From photographs of her monumental cross country bicycle trip at age 17 and behind-the-scenes of MGM Studios as the first “messenger girl” in 1941, to European adventures and spontaneous, cinematic New York City moments – Expressions of Life spotlights some of her most renowned photographs: American Girl in Italy (1951), Bernstein in Green Room, Carnegie Hall, NYC, (1950), and Einstein at Princeton luncheon, NJ (1953), among others.



Ruth Orkin: An American Girl in Italy, 1951


We’ve been working directly with Mary Engel, the director of the Ruth Orkin Photo Archive (and Ruth’s daughter!) for the past year. LTI-Lightside contributed a number of silver gelatin prints printed directly from Ruth’s original negatives as well as hi-resolution scans for wall installations in the exhibition space.



Ruth Orkin: Expressions of Life opening reception at Fotografiska NY, Sept 2021


For more on Expressions of Life at Fotografiska NY click here
For more on Ruth Orkin and Mary Engel’s photo archive click here.
Lastly: for information on Mary Engel’s American Photography Archive Group click here



Ruth Orkin: Couple in MG, Florence, 1951

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February 13, 2020

Sebastiaan Bremer at Edwynn Houk Gallery

Sebastiaan Bremer
Edwynn Houk Gallery
Feb 13 – Mar 21



IMG_7674_750Sebartiaan Bremer: Storm Breaking Over a Valley – Triptych, 2020
from Nocturne at Edwinn Houk Gallery
(3) archival pigment prints, paint, ink.



From the Edwynn Houk Gallery press release:


Edwynn Houk Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new work by Sebastiaan Bremer (Dutch, b. 1970). Nocturne marks the debut of several series of portraiture that Bremer has been developing over the course of the past two years, culminating in the monumental triptych, Storm Breaking Over a Valley, 2020. Each unique image in the exhibition is characterized by Bremer’s meticulously hand painted white pointillist dots, however these three new series are distinct in the evolution of the techniques used, as he continues to push the bounds of his hybrid creative process. 



Sebastiaan Bremer: Veronica – Backwards Looking Forward, 2018
from Nocturne at Edwinn Houk Gallery
20″ x 24″ silver gelatin print & ink



Sebastiaan Bremer: Veronica – Backwards Looking Forward (detail), 2018
from Nocturne at Edwinn Houk Gallery
20″ x 24″ silver gelatin print & ink



IMG_7680 750
Sebastiaan Bremer: Nocturne opening at Edwynn Houk Gallery



You can see all the pieces of Nocture by clicking into the Edwynn Houk Gallery website  here. We’ve been working with Sebastiaan since 2007, an overview of those projects can be seen by clicking here.



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November 13, 2018

The Row

The Row F/W ’18
Chris Rhodes
Talia Chetrit


In an unusual coincidence, we were lucky to have two of our customers shoot for The Row … both using our film processing and scanning services. One even went with conventional silver gelatin printing before scanning!



Chris Rhodes: The Row, Men’s collection, Fall 18

Talia Chetrit: The Row, Footwear & Handbags, Fall 18


Chris Rhodes is represented by Webber Represents, see more here
Talia Chetrit is represented by Rep Limited, see more here
And of course,  you can shop the entire Fall Collection to your heart’s content here (!)



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June 2, 2018


Talia Chetri
MAXXI – Museo delle Arti del XXI secolo Rome
May 30th—Oct 28th, 2018



MAXXI – Museo delle Arti del XXI secolo Rome


Talia Chetrit was chosen as a finalist in the MAXXI BVLGARI Prize, the museum’s project supporting and promoting young artists in partnership with the iconic Italian luxury brand, Bulgari. In October 2018, the jury will select the winner, whose work will be acquired by the museum.



Talia Chetrit: MAXXI BVLGARI Prize, installation views
MAXXI – Museo delle Arti del XXI secolo Rome, 2018



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February 17, 2018

Talia Chetrit at Kölnischer Kunstverein

Talia Chetrit
Kölnischer Kunstverein, Cologne, Germany
February 17 – March 25


Talia Chetrit: Showcaller, Kölnischer Kunstverein, 2018


The exhibition, Showcaller, was conceived especially for the Kölnischer Kunstverein, and is comprised of predominately new and revisited works.


LTI-Lightside has been producing exhibition works for Talia Chetrit since 2009. See more of her work here.



Talia Chetrit: Untitled (Body), 2018, Silver Gelatin Print, 10″ × 7″
from Showcaller, Kölnischer Kunstverein, 2018



Talia Chetrit: Nipple/Chain, 2012, Silver Gelatin Print, 20″ × 16″
from Showcaller, Kölnischer Kunstverein, 2018




Talia Chetrit: Fennel, 2015, Silver Gelatin Print, 9″ × 12″
from Showcaller, Kölnischer Kunstverein, 2018




Talia Chetrit: Showcaller, Kölnischer Kunstverein, 2018




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July 15, 2016

Andreas Laszlo Konrath for Rag and Bone

2016 Men’s Photo Project
Andreas Laszlo Konrath
Rag & Bone
Summer 2016

ALK was back at it this summer — working hard to make characters the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Harvey Keitel, John Turturro and others look cool and casual while wearing Rag & Bone.


Andreas Laszlo Konrath: Wiz Khalifa for Rag & Bone, 2016


Andreas Laszlo Konrath: Harvey Keitel for Rag & Bone, 2016


Andreas Laszlo Konrath: John Turturro for Rag & Bone, 2016



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April 7, 2016

Andreas Laszlo Konrath

Various Assignments
Andreas Laszlo Konrath
Fall 2105 / Spring 2016


Andres Laszlo Konrath (ALK) is a busy character. He’s been coming around LTI/Lightside since the fall of 2015 and has run a good bit of editorial shooting through the lab in that short time.


It’s one thing for us to report here on what he’s up to, like his published assignments for The New Yorker, W, Fast Company, Playboy, Marie Claire and more. Yet it would be quite another altogether to tell you how he does it  — meaning, the unique look of say, his portrait of star chef, Marcus Samuelsson below … we think it’s fair to say he’d have to kill us if we did.


That said, it’s refreshing to note that in an age of #anytingispossible digital manipulation. ALK turns the tables back to old school skill and and achieves his signature results not with the hand of PhotoShop at all … and that’s as far as we’re going to go here.


Here’s a small sample of some recently published assignments:



Andreas Laszlo Konrath: Grace Coddington for Le Magazine du Monde, 2016




Andreas Laszlo Konrath:
(L) Don Cheadle for Playboy, 2016 (R) Marcus Samuelsson for Fast Company, 2015




Andreas Laszlo Konrath: Harmony Korine for W, 2015



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November 20, 2014

Talia Chetrit at Kaufman-Repetto Milan

Talia Chetrit
Kaufman Repetto / Milan
November 20 – January 10



pool1-(20x24) copy_700
Talia Chetrit: Parents in the Sun #1,  2014
From Model, Kaufman Repetto, Milan
20 x 25 digital-c print, acrylic mount



From the Kaufman Repetto press release:


In Model, Talia Chetrit reflects on the complex relationship between reality and representation, investigating themes of authenticity in the photographic medium through the exchange between subject and photographer. Alongside the new series of photographs, a video captures Talia Chetrit’s parents – present in earlier photographic works – as unwitting subjects of a collection of video clips. Parents candidly records the self-conscious posturing of the artist’s mother and father, contrasting the act of staging an image with the relationships created in the act of photographic portrayal.

While Talia Chetrit photographs, a digital camera films the artist’s unsuspecting parents, capturing interstitial situations – bits of conversations and gestures – whose intimacy is made public. The video exposes what happens behind the curtains of the photographic sessions, moments which lead to an image but are normally left out of the final photograph, revealing the view of the artist as curious, voyeuristic and directorial. Explicitly rendered is a vulnerable and private exchange between three members of a family, as well as a photographer and her models.



Talia Chetrit: Parents, 2014
Installation view, Kaufman Repetto, Milan

This process exposes artifice – the posing of subjects for a desired effect – while simultaneously revealing the net of relationships that exist between husband and wife, parents and daughter. Accordingly, the family unit alternates between complicity and disobedience to the power dynamic that exists between the photographer and the portrayed subject. The ostensible sincerity of the candid camera gives a window to the illusory character of photography.

The accompanying series of photographs show Talia Chetrit’s parents gazing into each other’s eyes, then at their phones or a compact mirror, then back at the camera lens. Employing a number of photographic styles, the components of which allude to authenticity or staging, Chetrit debases the tropes of portraiture. Encountered after viewing Parents in the adjacent gallery, a seemingly candid image taken from a second floor balcony feels intently posed. The use of three different camera formats further highlight the ways in which the fabrication of an image influences its reception.

The interrelation of the video and photographic works in Model places emphasis on the unseen structures inherent to photography, investigating the role of photographer and subject as both attempt to fashion an image that reads as sincere. What becomes visible through Talia Chetrit’s laying bare of her working process is that from behind the camera lens sincerity can also be constructed.



talia 011
Talia Chetrit: Parents / Trees, 2014
From Model, Kaufman Repetto, Milan
20 x 24 conventionally enlarged silver gelatin print, museum board mount



Aside from the video piece, this exhibition includes (5) digital-c prints and (5) conventionally enlarged silver gelatin prints. You can see installation views and more from Kaufman Repetto here.


This is LTI/Lightside’s third solo exhibition  with Talia Chetrit — see more here.




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November 1, 2013

Dominique Nabokov at La Maison Française

The World of the New York Review of Books
Dominique Nabakov
La Maison Française/ New York University
November 1 – December 6, 2013




 nabokov_corrected post


From the La Maison Française press release:


For over three decades, Nabokov has turned her camera lens on friends and colleagues at The New York Review, producing an incisive and intimate portrait of many of its key players. The approximately 50 black and white photographs in the exhibition capture both the spirit of the magazine and offer informal portraits of its editors, contributors, and supporters. Nabokov has subtly documented many convivial moments and the occasional intellectual jousting between the Review’s varied personalities.


LTI/Lightside made over 50 silver gelatin prints from Nabokov’s original 35mm negatives for this exhibition. We also scanned those negatives and produced a master digital file set for a lovely short-run catalogue with a forward by Ian Baruma.



cataloge_b-w copy


It’s a positively loaded compendium of literary giants: Italo Calvino, Robert Silvers, Joan Didion, Joyce Carol Oates … Roth, Mailer, Vidal, Sontag … on and on. Word has it there were not many printed, check with La Maison Francaise for availability.



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September 26, 2013

Talia Chetrit at Leslie Fritz

Talia Chetrit
Leslie Fritz
September 3 – October 6, 2013


2x install view
Talia Chetrit at Leslie Fritz, September 2013


From the Leslie Fritz press release:


Talia Chetrit’s current exhibition at Leslie Fritz, her third show with the gallery, originates in the artist’s revisiting old contact sheets from the first rolls of film she shot as a thirteen-year-old in the mid 1990’s. They were intimate, direct portraits of the subjects most immediately available to her: her own family in and around the home. Chetrit re-cropped and re-edited these old images, and returned to photograph her family again for the most recent work in the exhibition, mixing these two moments in this installation. In these images, we see her mother, father, brother, and the photographer herself, pictured today and as they appeared some eighteen years ago.


image view
Talia Chetrit: selections from Leslie Fritz, September, 2013
clockwise from top left:
Self-Portrait (13): 1995/2013, 18 x 24 silver gelatin print from original negative
Parents (side, 2013): 20 x 24 silver gelatin print from original negative
Self Portrait (Profile): 2013, 19 x 24 silver gelatin print from original negative
Parents (Stacked): 2013, 14 x 22 digital c-print

I’ve mentioned previously in this archive that often we’ll start work on a project and have no idea what we’re being presented with conceptually. This makes sense, considering that our role in the production of these projects is after all, that of the facilitating technician and so it’s only natural that we’re somewhat removed from the “content” side of the process. It’s almost as if we have insider status … but not too far inside, if you get my meaning. Anyway, it’s one of those quirks that comes with the job that actually makes life fun around here … specifically: trying to figure what’s going on in a project beyond the technical perimeters before actually asking.


IMG_6583_father-brother copy
Talia Chetrit: selections from Leslie Fritz, 2013
left to right:
Dad: 1995/2013, 6 x 8 silver gelatin print from original negative
Brother: 1995/2013, 6 x 9 silver gelatin print from original negative


In this case: printing negatives shot by the artist eighteen years previous, including a self-portrait (without this being explained), clearly puts this project into that category.


Chetrit’s exhibition has been well received with reviews in Artforum, Mousse Magazine, Contemporary Art Daily and the Gallerist. For more, please visit Leslie Fritz online by clicking here.



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