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October 27, 2017
For those of you who thought film was dead, we’re happy to report that sentiment is clearly an exaggeration. First of all, a quick hashtag search on Instagram shows nearly 6 million users of #filmisnotdead vs a mere 6,816 tags with #filmisdead (!) Heck, that should settle it right there … but hey, don’t just take I/G’s word for it — go ahead and scroll down to see no less than five (5!) editorial stories and current ad campaigns that have run though the lab recently … and we’ve got more, believe us!


From the New Yorker to Nordstrom and Sonia Rikel to Nike — Zoe Ghertner, Max Farago, Ben Grieme, David Banjamin Sherry and Stefan Ruiz shot every format from 35mm to 8 x 10 this past season to deliver a stunning array of well …  really cool stuff.




Ben Grieme: Nike AF-1 campaign, Fall 2017, click here


 new yorker stories

Top: Stefan Ruiz: William Eggelston, New Yorker, October, 2017
Bottom: David Benjamin Sherry, Laura Owens, New Yorker, October, 2017

MF_finalMax Farago: Nordstrom: Fall 2017 click here



Zoe Ghertner: Sonia Rykiel, Fall 2017 click here



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June 13, 2017
Valerio Spada for GAP
Portrait of American Summer 2017
Valerio Spada
GAP / American Diversity Campaign


AdWeek (aka AdFreak) did a short piece on the Gap’s current Summer ’17 campaign shot by Victor Spada. They managed to be both snarky and respectful in the same breath while featuring a ton of images from Victor, all shot on film and processed you know where ….


gap_horz_2 header
Valario Spada: GAP Portrait of American Summer 2017


Here’s an excerpt:


Gap is continuing to celebrate the diversity of the young people it wants to buy its clothes.


A new print and video campaign, titled “I Am Gap,” from Untitled Worldwide takes a look at a range of personalities—found via street casting, rather than via a modeling agency—that the clothing retailer hopes captures the spirit of its brand.


Stills from the campaign feature faces from different backgrounds striking familiar fashion poses, while being hip and attractive.


A short anthem spot, meanwhile, summarizes the core thrust of the marketing effort. “You are the quiet strength in a roaring city,” it says. “You are the free spirit who welcomes the unknown. You are the cattle driver, the BMX rider, the artist in the making. You are worlds apart in life but neighbors in optimistic spirit. You are America. You are Gap.”


Because nothing says land of the free and home of the brave like off-the-rack denim, blouses and tees.

It’s a basic strategy consistent with the marketer’s fall 2016 campaign, also created with Untitled, which beautifully documented the likes of Brooklyn United, a community marching band for kids, teens and young adults. The tagline for that advertising was “Do You.” “I Am Gap” is channeled as an explicitly inclusive, patriotic concept, if perhaps less powerfully.


The fashion industry in general has struggled to represent a diverse cross-section of cultures in advertising, even as it has begun to improve diversity on the runway. Gap is one of a few notable exceptions.


See a small selection of the print ads below:



Valario Spada: GAP Portrait of American Summer 2017




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Comme des Garçons: the Future of Silhouette
Joh Olins
Modern Weekly
F/W 2017



LTI/Lightside provided film processing and conventional c-printing for this story.



Josh Olins for Modern Weekly, Comme des Garçons: the Future of Silhouette, F/W 2017



Josh Olins for Modern Weekly, Comme des Garçons: the Future of Silhouette, F/W 2017


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Summer / Turn it Up
Anne Menke
Cosmopolitan Magazine
June 2017


8 images on 8 pages / pure pretty girl retouching …


Anne Menke: Cosmopolitan Magazine, Summer / Turn it Up, June 2017



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New Next New York
Christian MacDonald
Interview Magazine
November 2016

American fashion is a big family—we all compete, but we love each other at the same time” writes Diane Von Furstenberg to open this wide reaching story about New York Fashion photographed by Christian MacDonald.

Fourteen pages. See the full story here



Christian MacDonald: New Next New York, Interview, 2016



Christian MacDonald: New Next New York, Interview, 2016



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October 16, 2016
Alec Soth for The New Yorker
In the Heart of Trump Country
Alec Soth
The New Yorker
October 2016

Alec Soth / Magnum: In the Heart of Trump Country, for The New Yorker, 2016



Alex Soth / Magnum: In the Heart of Trump Country, for The New Yorker, 2016



Read the full story here.



How To Be Cool and Fashionable Without Breaking the Bank, Starring Dr. Steve Brule
Marc Lemoine
Flood Magazine
July 2016

Marc Lemoine shot this little exposé with Dr. Steve Brule for Flood Magazine.
WARNING: the following content, once viewed, cannot be unseen.



Marc Lemoine: Dr. Steve Brule, Flood Magazine, 2016



Flood Magazine: What are the most important elements of style?





Marc Lemoine: Dr. Steve Brule, Flood Magazine, 2016



Left: Nude patent pumps by Fitzwell / Periwinkle tweed three-piece skirt suit by Vanity Fair / Sea foam leisure pants by Teddi
Middle: Yellow casual pants by Boothbay / Gold satin pumps by Special Occasions / Crochet cardigan by J. G. Hook
Right: Turquoise satin bed coat by Lady Studio / Nude stockings by Burlington Sheer Legacy / Pearls



Hey, it’s not like we didn’t warn you …



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2016 Men’s Photo Project
Andreas Laszlo Konrath
Rag & Bone
Summer 2016

ALK was back at it this summer — working hard to make characters the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Harvey Keitel, John Turturro and others look cool and casual while wearing Rag & Bone.


Andreas Laszlo Konrath: Wiz Khalifa for Rag & Bone, 2016


Andreas Laszlo Konrath: Harvey Keitel for Rag & Bone, 2016


Andreas Laszlo Konrath: John Turturro for Rag & Bone, 2016



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Future: Syrup, Strippers and a Heavy Angst With the Superstar MC
Theo Wenner
Rolling Stone
June 2016


Theo Wenner shoots film — and boy are we happy about it (!)



Theo Wenner: Future for Rolling Stone, June 2016



Click here for the full story:




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Alexander McQueen: Take Romance and Scratch its Eyes Out
Blair Getz Mezibov
Spring/Summer 16

12 pages / 9 images: film processing, scanning





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