April 10, 2019

Micheal McLaughlin at Robin Rice Gallery

41 Degrees Latitude
Micheal McLaughlin
Robin Rice Gallery
April 10 – June 12



Micheal McLaughlin at Robin Rice Gallery



Micheal McLaughlin: from 41st Parallel at Robin Rice Gallery
26 x 40 archival pigment prints



Micheal McLaughlin captured his dreamy oceanscapes along the 41st parallel north, which, not coincidentally runs right though a number of beaches in the tiny state of Rhode Island where enjoyed part of his childhood. You can read more about that in Robin Rice’s press release here.



Micheal McLaughlin:
41st Parallel opening night at Robin Rice Gallery.


Michael is a long time customer of LTI-Lightside. We were happy to produce 13 archival pigment prints for this exhibition.


Look for more of his work online here and on his very entertaining Instagram feed here.




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