September 12, 2018

Jonathan Mannion at Compound

I Got a Gallery / I Got a Show
Jonathan Mannion
September 12 – October 12


To hear Jonathan Mannion tell it – I Got a Gallery / I got a Show is the result of a simple conversation between himself and Set Free Richardson, the founder of Compound in the Bronx that went pretty much as you read it: Free said “I got a Gallery” and Mannion replied “I got a show” … or something like that, anyway.



Jonathan Mannion: I Got a Gallery / I Got a Show, Compound, opening night, 2018


What we get from this is an¬†extraordinary meeting of the minds: Mannion is well known for his imaging contribution to hip hop culture — he’s a legend already and does not appear to be slowing down one bit. Set Free Richardson is something like a cultural ambassador at this point with his on-target Compound that is part Agency, part Art Gallery, part Retail Shop and full-on cultural vortex … all neatly nestled in shadow of the 3rd Avenue bridge, AKA South Bronx.



Jonathan Mannion: I Got a Gallery / I Got a Show, Compound, opening night, 2018


Mannion has been working with LTI, now LTI-Lightside, for the better part of twenty years — his output has been prodigious: over 500 rappers, actors, athletes, artists, and designers, more than 300 album covers to date plus many editorial & advertising campaigns. You can follow Jonathan on Instagram at @jonathanmannion and see more of his work on his website here.




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