March 3, 2011

Sebastiaan Bremer: Nudes and Revolutions

Nudes and Revolutions
Sebastiaan Bemer
Edwynn Houk Gallery
March 3 – April 23, 2001


Sebastiaan Bremer, Susanna Surprised by the Elders, 2001
44″ x 64″ Digital C-Print with Inks and Acrylics


Sebastiaan Bremer, Waterfall, 2008-2001
Digital C-Prints with Inks and Acrylics
75″ x 83″ overall / each panel: 75″ x 41.5″


Sebastiaan Bremer, Judith’s Anatomy Lesson, 2011
48″ x 43″ Digital C-Print with Inks and Acrylics



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